About Us

About Us

Established by former Financial Services executives determined to transform the consulting industry, our passion is to arm you with the vital tools, knowledge and human capital critical for your success. We don’t see ourselves as just another vendor, we believe we should be an integral part of your team and every aspect of our approach is executed with that philosophy in mind.

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Transparent Consulting

We continuously inform you of progress, developments, changes, hurdles and accomplishments—freeing your time and reducing your burden. This direct partnership, collaboration and hands-on approach are at the center of how we do business.

Your budget is our fiduciary responsibility

Hold us accountable for prudently managing your consulting budget. We deliver the most suitable resource for your staffing or project needs, and we provide them for the appropriate amount of time, ensuring no individual resource is there longer than necessary. CFS emerged from our founders’ shared dissatisfaction with inefficient and costly consultancies that lacked this core strength.

Just the right technology. Nothing more.

Keeping pace with technology is difficult and costly, but staying ahead of technology maximizes the return on your technology investment. We put the latest systems and tools to work for you and help you decide on a build versus buy solution that best serves your short and long term needs.

Comprehensive Managed Services.

Practiced CFS managers monitor our field staff’s achievements—so you don’t have to—providing advice, foresight, strategy and proactive solutions. Our consultants are highly trained to complement your in-house staff, working independently or integrating with them, depending on your needs.

Transfer of knowledge.

CFS consultants add short and long term value to your company by transferring knowledge and capability to your internal resources, making your company stronger and more dynamic.

Done right the first time.

Our consultants have established a strong track record of successfully completing complex and high profile projects on time, within budget and in accordance with specified requirements. We do this by listening to you, creating a vision to resolve your challenges and moving you along the path to success.

Personal service.

Our professional team was selected not only because of their knowledge and experience but also by their integrity, trust, confidentiality, discretion and leadership abilities.

Whether you’re an executive searching for a determined results-driven consultancy, or a financial services expert seeking an effectively run project or an efficiently run department, we would very much like to hear from you.

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    Specifically, we’re experts at:

    • Investment Management
    • Institutional Broker Dealers
    • Prime Brokerage
    • Hedge Funds
    • Investment Advisors
    • Private Equity
    • Banking
    • Wealth Management
    • Insurance