Workforce Solutions

Workforce Solutions

Seasoned Project Management
— Providing You With Support & Direction

Integrating keen business savvy with a refined financial focus, our skilled project management teams of senior program managers, product managers and business analysts have experience in popular disciplines, enabling them to add immediate value.

Adapting To Diverse Environments
— Providing Hit-The-Ground-Running Leadership

Our consultants easily adapt to new environments, offering valuable leadership, strategic insights and delivering results-oriented solutions to your toughest problems. We recruit, train and nurture veteran project managers with career-long financial industry experience.

Long & Short Term Managed CFS Services

Veteran CFS consultants are available for long and short-term assignments including:

  • Database management
  • Software development
  • Operational reengineering
  • Compliance processes
  • Procedural documentation
  • Project management
  • Strategy sessions
  • Workforce Solutions Aside

    • Consulting Services
    • Full-time Offerings
    • "Try and Buy"
    • "Rent to Own"
    • Work off the fee
    • Part-Time Resources (i.e.: CTO, CFO, COO, CCO)